Work in Progress “Zonder woorden kan je niet”

Work in Progress “Zonder woorden kan je niet”

13041410_229141450808024_3292220006893329566_omarch 2016 -june 2016: Illustrating, illustrating, illustrating  for the upcoming book  “Zonder woorden kan je niet” (Freely translated: No-one can do without words).

“Zonder woorden kan je niet” is the new book of my mother Kris Gelaude. It is a compilation of texts by Kris Gelaude and follows the first (compilation) book “Voor wie woorden zoekt”, (of which more than 10000 copies were sold already… a bestseller in it’s genre). The new book will be out in september 2016

Mice on new year’s letters!

Mice on new year’s letters!

This year the mice will decorate new year’s letters!
The letters are are available from publishers “Een fijne dag” (which means “A fine day”)
There are 4 different mouse-new year’s letters (on page 4 of the catalogue) en two more with other drawings by my hand. You can check out the catalougue at this link:

or via

nieuwjaarsbrievenfolder liggend.indd
Third E-book in Flemish Sign Language is out!

Third E-book in Flemish Sign Language is out!

For vzw Piramime, I illustrated 4 e-books. These are e-books for deaf andhering impaired children and adults.

In march 2015 the first book ” Sneeuwpret” came out (for sale on I-tunes and Googlebooks)


sneeuwpret op I-tunes

In may 2015 the second book ” Hoog en hoger” was launched (on I-tunes and Googlebooks)


Hoog en hoger op I-tunes

And now the third book “De mier en het ijsje” is ready!

Kopie van 20150804_2359_verhaal4KAFT_VOOR

De mier en het ijsje op I-tunes

Three e-books for deaf andhering impaired persons, and evryone who wants to learn Flemish Sign language